Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. Apex Training is an elite personal training facility dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals by transforming them physically, mentally, and spiritually.  We work with all fitness levels beginners to advanced and all of the in-between.  We offer a variety of training options including private training, small group training, athletic/performance training, and nutritional guidance.  If your ready to improve your lifestyle join us now.  Our dedicated trainers are waiting for you!



Jace Lopez

We are all born with God given gifts and my gift is that I'm great at motivating people. I just happen to find my passion in fitness and made it my craft. I have an unrelenting desire to make people believe in themselves, help them become mentally and physically stronger, and live a full life. I know how much adopting a fit lifestyle has completely changed my life for the better so now I want to show others how to transform their lives too. 

My goal for all my clients is to show them how to live a healthier life by not just going to the gym every now and then and eating "healthy" but by changing the way they think. If I can change the way a person perceives living, eating, and exercising to an enjoyable and self rewarding perspective, then most of the battle has already been won. This is why I really try to pour into my clients the mental side of working out and living a fit lifestyle. I'll give you the plan, the tools you need to be successful, and direct your journey, all you need to do is SHOW UP!!! 



2806 E Milton Ave. Suite 101

Youngsville, LA 70592