Group HIIT Classes

Each class is 45 minutes of high intensity interval training that focuses on getting your heart rate up, making you more flexible/mobile, and activates your muscles through functional movements using free weights, bands, machines, and body weight movements. This type of training spikes your metabolism and burns body fat for hours post workout.  You will have a personal trainer that directs the class and will guide you throughout the workout.

Group HIIT Class Schedule

Group HIIT Class Schedule

Packages and Pricing

$15.00    Each Class  

$90.00    Month-Month

$65.00  12 Month Contract


Small Group Transformation Training

Small group training is just like personal training except now you are working in small groups of up to four people. Sign up with friends or you will be paired up with others who choose your same time slots. This program is great for those who want the personalized programs of private training but also enjoy working in the company of others.  In addition to training sessions, each client also receives a customized nutrition plan consisting of weekly updates and adjustments to maximize progress and results.


Small Group Training Schedule

Small Group Training Schedule

**Please contact us for availability in our small group classes


**Sessions are valid for the month they are purchased in and will expire if not used.  Clients may reschedule missed sessions within the valid month on alternate days/times based on availability.  We do not offer refunds for packages but may allow the client to gift their sessions to a family member or friend depending on the situation.  Please contact us for further information on this policy if a situation arises.


Packages and Pricing


$299.99  8 sessions:   2x/week  ($37.50/session)

$389.99  12 sessions: 3x/week  ($32.50/session)

$439.99  16 sessions: 4x/week  ($27.50/session)

12 Month Contract:

$260.00/month 8 sessions: 2x/week  ($32.50/session)

$360.00/month 12 sessions: 3x/week ($30/session)